Photo by Savanah Guthrie
Four Quick Points
1.  It's Impossible to have extra vital statistics coding on the scan that wasn't on the original certified copy.

2.  The top piece of vital statistics coding matches the coding in box 12A albeit once rotated.
HDOH offiical who coded document had a tendency to leave loops open. This is true on the
nines found on this document as well.

3.  There isn't just extra coding but extra border as well.  For those who say the extra coding pieces are just smudge,
are we to believe that extra border that aligns perfectly with the rest of the document were smudges picked up off
the scanner glass well.  The bottom line is  you can't have artifacts on the scan that aren't on the original                     
Savannah Guthrie photographed.

4. A clipping mask that hides information in and of itself is proof of human tampering.
With Clipping Mask Released Doc